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The Asian Banker Certificate in Evaluating Asian Banks
4 July 2013
Venue to be confirmed,, Hong Kong

The Asian Banker Certificate in Evaluating Asian Banks programme is a 1-day training workshop on a structured due diligence methodology on Asian banks for correspondent banks, M&As, investors and business partners to sharpen their analytical skills and learn how to accurately evaluate Asian banks.

Evaluating emerging market banks require specific skills, industry knowledge and instincts. Some of these skills can be taught and instituted into a minimum standard that is usable for a variety of purposes. Often in a due diligence exercise, staff are roped in to write their assessments with very little training.

The Asian Banker has developed a structured assessment methodology, based on a suite of benchmark performance indicators and best practices, to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of banks, particularly those in Asia, with business and operational level depth.

Developed in conjunction with the industry’s most astute practitioners, the programme is designed to help analysts, investors, merger and acquisition (M&A) practitioners, consultants, vendors and service providers to enhance their ability to accurately assess the value of banks in Asia in a way that goes beyond traditional rating agency guidelines.

Participants will also be trained to assess profitability and asset quality, risk management frameworks and the strength and strategy of management, benchmarking these assessments against our suite of industry indicators. We will also demonstrate how we anticipate the impact of regulatory developments, such as Basel III, on a bank’s valuation, and extrapolate the effects of economic, regulatory and strategic factors on a bank’s performance and value.

The programme draws on performance data and best practices, in-depth industry knowledge of current technology and a detailed understanding of risk management and the changing regulatory landscape, all important factors underlying the value of a bank in Asia.

The training is based on a structured methodology that participants can also use in their own analytical and decision-making needs. The programme will come with manuals that can be used internal to your organization. 

 The Asian Banker Certificate in Evaluating Asian Banks is designed to help investors use available data, and business information to assess banks in Asia for their respective needs:

  • To strengthen analytical and evaluation skills for investors and decision-makers when making key investments and M&A decisions, as well as credit, counterparty and other long-term outsourcing and business decisions, providing guidance on what questions need to be asked and what the responses mean.
  • To instruct participants on how to evaluate business and operational level data on banks in Asia against key benchmark performance indicators that we have developed over the years.
  • To develop skills in assessing the impact of current and future events, in addition to competitive challenges in the economy, and build GAP analysis that contribute towards more astute assessments.


The Evaluating Asian Banks workshop is designed for the following types of participants:

  • Equity analysts and investors with a focus on Asian financial institutions
  • Bank analysts assessing counterparties, correspondent and credit relationships
  • Due diligence analysts involved in M&A, partnerships and related activities
  • Consultants, technology and infrastructure service providers and partner organizations.
The Evaluating Asian Banks Workshop
8:30-9:00 Registration and Coffee/Tea
9:00-10:30 Introduction to the Asian Bank Research Methodology
Outline the features of banks in Asia. Discuss regional and local variations, as well as applying international standards.

Evaluating the balance sheets of Asian banks using benchmark and key performance indicators
  • Top of line balance sheet numbers and annual reports
  • Strength versus size indicators
  • The assessment of balance sheet assessment against stated strategies
  • Off-balance sheet activities
  • Ownership and independence
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Assessing the core businesses of banks in context of their respective marketplace
  • Distribution and sources of income
  • Retail financial services
  • Corporate banking
  • Treasury and markets
  • Transaction banking
  • Securities and insurance subsidiaries
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Assessing a bank’s intangibles: risk culture, strategy, leadership and its people
  • Evaluating a bank’s risk management framework
  • The role of management and the board in Asian banks
  • Risk culture and appetite
  • Evaluating ALM and FTP skills
  • Customer centricity
  • Impact of key regulatory changes: stress testing liquidity, capital and lending requirements and differences in Asia relative to the rest of the word
  • Assessing the franchise value of an Asian bank
15:00-15:30 Tea break
15:30-17:00 Assessing the Technology, Operations and Business Infrastructure
  • Evaluating the role of technology and current infrastructure of an Asian bank
  • Understanding receptivity towards new developments in technology and how this will affect performance in the future
17:00-18:00 Concluding Session: Aligning assessments to Due Diligence Objectives
  • SWOT and GAP analysis for M&As, counterparties, business partnerships and long term outsourcing relationships
  • A structured approach to due diligence
End of training

The trainers for this program are experienced in assessing banks in Asia over several economic cycles. They are also the principle architects of this programme, sifting through countless data to design a perspective that decision makers can use in a practical manner.

Emmanuel Daniel

Mr Daniel is the president and CEO of The Asian Banker and the principal architect of the various research and evaluation methodologies developed by the firm in balance sheets, risk management, retail banking, technology and operations as well as in leadership and strategy. Mr Daniel is reputed to be one of the very few analysts with an in-depth understanding of the workings of a wide cross-section of Asian banks and with access to CEOs all across the region. He was previously a management consultant, active in assisting regional corporates in strategizing their capital market and fund raising activities. He has degrees from the National University of Singapore, the University of London and attended Columbia University.

Stephanie Dunn

Ms Dunn is a senior manager in the research division at The Asian Banker. She is responsible for building the bank analytics and risk management programmes at The Asian Banker. A former central banker with the Reserve Bank of Australia, she has had roles as an economist, a foreign exchange and commodities analyst and a dealer. She holds a first class honours in economics from the University of Sydney.

The fee per participant is US$1800 for the first delegate and it includes the following deliverables:

  • One full day’s comprehensive training.
  • The Asian Banker ‘Evaluating Asian Banks’ manual.
  • Sample Asian Banker Bank Profile Report and access to The Asian Banker analysts who can assist in configuring the Profile Reports for your use.

Please contact Janice Chua at for package prices for multiple delegates from the same organization.

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