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The Asian Banker Diploma Maximising Profitability In Retail Branch Networks
1st - 3rd October 2012
Venue to be confirmed,, Singapore

Boost your financial institution’s competitiveness through the increased effectiveness of your retail branch network

Boost your financial institution’s competitiveness through the increased effectiveness of your retail branch network

Today’s retail branch network remains as the foundation stone at the heart of the bank’s positioning in the retail financial services market, complementing the rich array of distribution channels which the modern financial institution has at its disposal.

The branch on the High Street is the face of today’s retail bank and is an important tool in new customer acquisition. Despite the variety of distribution channels available, most of the retail customer’s biggest financial dealings continue to be made in the retail branch.

The Asian Banker has designed a comprehensive training programme to equip senior bank management with the information necessary to increase the competitiveness of their retail branch network in order to gain market share in today’s fast-growing Asian economies.

Through this intensive 3-day course, attendees will come away with the necessary expertise to better tailor their product and service offerings to their increasingly demanding retail branch customer. Understanding who the client is and what are their needs through accurate customer segmentation is at the core of branch network strategy as is location optimisation and management.

Branch design, marketing and branding will also be under the microscope as indeed will be best-practice techniques for process optimisation within the branch and sales maximisation. Risk mitigation and management will be a further topic to be scrutinised, vital to the success of your retail branch network.

The format of this 3-day intensive training course will be a mixture of interactive exercises and scenarios, group discussions, real case studies, focused tuition, and practical problem-solving.
• Each section of this comprehensive programme will be supported by individual and group exercises and case studies
• Limited class size: Class size is limited to 30 delegates to ensure effective one-to-one interactivity

This programme is designed to achieve the following goals:
•  Best-practice customer segmentation and location strategies as a cornerstone of your branch network strategy
•  Process optimisation across your branch network for maximum competitiveness
•  Boosting the competitiveness and profitability of your retail branch network through optimal customer engagement
•  Maximising sales effectiveness across your retail branch network
•  Branch design as a fundamental feature of your bank identity and mission statement 
•  Ensuring a framework for effective risk mitigation and management at branch level
•  Integrating your retail branch networks with your overall multi-channel distribution strategy
This important training is designed to mobilize those professionals responsible for the growth in competitiveness and profitability of their institution’s retail branch network.

Directors, Heads & Managers responsible for:
•  Retail / consumer banking
•  Branch networks / banking
•  SME 
•  Private Banking
•  Channel delivery / distribution 
•  Sales / Commercial development
•  Marketing / branding
•  CRM
•  Business process management
Day 1 - Monday, 1st October 2012, Singapore
0830-0900 Registration
0900 Best-practice customer segmentation and location strategies as a cornerstone of your branch network strategy
Branch Location
• Establishing a holistic approach to site appraisal
• What are we seeking from our locations?
• Conducting an intrinsic demographic study of your current and proposed branch locations
• Identifying the level and nature of banking competition in your locations
• Understanding the social and economic environment of your established and potential branch sites
Customer Segmentation
• Defining customer segmentation and how it is measured
• How are our target customers and why?
• Customer data collection, management and analysis for optimal customer segmentation
• Accurately determining the size and nature of customer segments and sub-segments across our branch networks
• Devising best-practice action plans and strategies based on the results of your customer segmentation
Practical exercises for accurately segmenting the branch customer base
  Coffee break
  Process optimisation across your branch network for maximum competitiveness
• How to streamline your loans processing without compromising your risk mitigation and management framework
• Credit scoring and credit risk assessment: Practical steps to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy
• Optimising your sales structure and processes to boost selling and cross-selling opportunities and results
• Raising your levels of customer satisfaction through an integrated framework for CRM and complaints handling
• Value-added and advisory services as a fundamental instrument to gain customer favour and boost profitability
• Effectively handling problem loans and debts for maximum credit collection and client retention
• Utilising technology to boost the efficiency of your branch business processes
• Establishing an in-depth programme of staff training and awareness for process optimisation across the branch network
Practical case studies of successful branch process optimisations
1230-1400 Lunch
 1400 Boosting the competitiveness and profitability of your retail branch network through optimal customer engagement
• Understanding the expectations of your branch customers
• Successfully offering personalized service and advice to the ever more demanding customer in a period of budget restraints and cost-cutting
• Successfully balancing your need to maximise your sales with provision of top-rate CRM
• Effective time management and allocation for greatest customer satisfaction and profitability
• Multi-sensory banking in the retail branch
• Determining the most effective opening hours for your location and customer
  Tea break
• Customer value creation
• Services provided and products focused upon: Making the right choices
• Forecasting potential sales of core products for new branches
• Effectively meeting the demands and requirements of private individuals, SMEs and High Net Worth clients in the same retail branch: Managing and    maximising your profitability from affluent / wealthy individuals
• Retail branch performance measurement: Developing the most suitable KPIs
Interactive discussion: How best can we engage our clients for optimal customer retention and value creation?
1700 End of Day One

Day 2 - Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, Singapore
0900 Maximising sales effectiveness across your retail branch network
• Developing best-practice strategies to maximise your cross-selling opportunities and profitability
• Accurately prioritising market segments and products
• Sales force effectiveness and training
• Increasing the time spent selling and reducing non-income generating tasks
• Creating new roles to increase selling capacity and cross-selling
• Building your contact network to expand beyond your traditional contact base and comfort zone
• Developing and managing your internal client referral network
Interactive discussion: How can we develop our cross-selling opportunities for maximum profitability?
  Coffee break
  Branch design as a fundamental feature of your bank identity and mission statement
• Meeting the needs and expectations of customers and employees alike
• Branch segmentation: The right branch design for the right location / environment
• Optimising the value and power of your brand through the use of your branch network
• Positioning the advisory services space as a core area of the branch
• A focus on innovation in sensory marketing and branding
• Performance measurement and ROI
Practical case studies of innovative branch design
1230-1400 Lunch

Ensuring a framework for effective risk mitigation and management at branch level
• Combating external fraud, money-laundering and counter-terrorist financing at the sharp end
   - Ensuring employee awareness
   - Counterfeiting
   - Identity theft
   - Establishing and understanding the Key Risk indicators
   - Customer vetting
• Techniques for identifying, mitigating and combating internal fraud
   - What sort of crimes are committed internally in the branch?
   - Key Risk Indicators
   - Whistleblowing
• Customer data protection
   - Understanding the threats
   - Key Risk Indicators

  Tea break
• Safety and security across the branch network
   - Identifying the security threats
   - Ensuring the safety of both customers and employees
• Operational risk management
   - Mitigating procedural failures
   - Identifying and reducing transaction errors and errors of execution and record-keeping
   - Mitigating IT risk and systems failure
• Ensuring an intrinsic and coordinated Business Continuity plan across your retail branch network
   - Company-wide awareness of business continuity procedures
   - Effective scenario planning
Interactive discussion on identifying and mitigating the biggest threats to your retail branches
1700 End of Day Two

Day 3 - Wednesday, 3rd October 2012, Singapore
0900 Integrating your retail branch networks with your overall multi-channel distribution strategy
• How do we create the right channel 'mix'?
• Improve multi-channel distribution from an integrated business perspective:
   learn how to ensure acquisition, cross-sales and retention
• How can the branch network complement your other distribution channels and vice-versa?
• Determining which products and services are best suited for promotion and sales at the branch level and how we best maximise our sales: Loans, mortgages,    lines of credit, payments, investments, brokerage services, financial advice, and insurance
Practical exercises for devising an integrated multi-channel distribution strategy
  Coffee break
  Successfully managing the talent across your retail branch network
• Incentivisation: Linking rewards to performance
• Identifying training needs
• Achieving enterprise-wide buy-in to your bank's objectives
• Establishing performance criteria to effectively benchmark the performance of your branches across the extent of your national and international network
• A focus on the changing role of the branch manager
• Key performance targets for key branch personnel
Practical case studies of best-practice talent management for maximum competitiveness
1230-1400 Lunch

Exploiting the opportunities for self service / automated banking in the retail branch
• Optimise self-service within the overall cross-channel delivery strategy
• Determine best strategies in making branch self-service and ATMs more profitable as channels
• Maximise self-service functionality in order to achieve greater user friendliness and ultimate increased profitability
• Assess the latest trends in branch automation: Analysis and forecast for improved self-service
• How developing technology will further change the branch
Practical case studies of innovative use of technology in the branch

  Tea break
  Practicalities for the implementation of strategies for increasing the profitability of your branch networks
• M&A impact on the branch network
   - Challenges to be met
   - Customer comes first always
   - Geo-locations and customer base – Impact on the branch
• Aligning your organisational structure with the structure of your branch network
• Branch network planning and budgeting
Measuring and rewarding branch performance
• Linking branch network strategy to profitability
• An in-depth exploration into the dangers of branch rationalisation
Interactive discussion and evaluation of the key features of the course proceedings
1700 End of Programme

Christian Dekoninck’s expertise in leadership and strategy implementation has been built over a 20-year career in key sales and general management roles in the Banking industry. He is an accomplished consumer banker (Retail, Private Banking, Small Businesses) who has been leading very large networks with thousands of people in different countries. He has proven to be an agent of change positively impacting the sales and financial (both revenues and expenses) results for different banks in Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.

Christian joined Citibank in Belgium and developed his banking career from Branch Manager in 1988 to Regional Director for Northern Belgium in 1999. After his first international experience in Paris (1996 to 1998), where he successfully opened a flagship CitiGold Branch on the Champs Elysees and became part of the local management team, he was promoted to Regional Director tasked with restructuring the Branch network in Flanders. Subsequently, he was appointed Managing Director of the call centre in Aachen, Germany, turning it into a profit centre in only 18 months by maximizing tele-sales and direct sales both for investments and loans and optimising the back office activities (loan processing) on all service levels. In 2003 Christian moved to Poland to take the position of Managing Director of the Citi Handlowy network. He is credited for building one coherent, strong retail network (over 200 branches/1800 staff) integrating the former Handlowy, CitiGold, Corporate and CitiFinancial (consumer finance) branches into one unit to maximize revenue and cost synergies. Other keys to success were the introduction of a new branch model and setting up a Direct Sales Agents network and tele-sales unit. He managed a financial turnaround resulting in a positive ebit of $32m in 2006 and $54m in 2007 compared to a loss of $18m at the end of 2003. In 2009 he became Managing Director of the even larger Branch network (400 Branches/ 3,000 staff) of Kredyt Bank (KBC group), taking responsibility also for both Private Banking and the call centre. During his first year he improved cost-to-income ratios from 72% to 56%. In subsequent years, sales activity tripled in two years’ time to a record high of 2.5 sales/fte/day. Thanks to the implementation of a new Private Banking strategy the PB customer base grew by 22% and investment sales reached a record level of over 100m Euro/month gross (50m Euro net) in June 2011.

This is one of the best designed diploma programmes to equip Asian financial institutions with the necessary expertise for effective implementation of a watertight compliance framework across all functions and product lines of the organization.

Register today by completing the registration form below or contact Mr Gerald Rubio tel: +65 6236 6514or email for more information.

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