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The Asian Banker has been in China since 2000. We have a deep understanding of the development over decades in this amazing country, and our experience makes us the ideal guide to this vibrant landscape.

Our upcoming innovation tour in Beijing coincides with the SIBOS annual conference of correspondent and transaction bankers. We welcome finance professionals from around the world to join us in this study tour, especially if you are coming for SIBOS.

This tour offers a deep dive into innovation, corporate culture, and relationships between entrepreneurs and the state.

Visit leading Chinese technology firms like Baidu, Bytedance, Didi Chuxing, Meiduan Dianping, JD and Xiaomi. Beijing is also home to the largest concentration of artificial intelligence (AI) startups in China, with more than 1,048 core companies thriving here.

The journey continues to technology centres of two of the largest four banks in the world. Engage with prominent Chinese economists for a nuanced understanding of the country, and try your hand at using local apps—be it for booking a luxury cab or cycling on an autumn day.

We will top up this study tour with a complimentary two-night stay near the majestic Great Wall just outside Beijing.

In order to maximise networking, we keep the study tour to a maximum of 30 delegates. Positions are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Register now!

Key focus areas:


Revolutionary integration of AI and machine learning in finance


Digital banking transformation: Best practices and case studies


The latest in blockchain, digital currencies, and secure transactions


Consumer behaviour and its influence on digital banking solutions


Briefings by prominent venture capitalists and innovators in Beijing’s fintech landscape


Networking with fintech trailblazers

Tour Itinerary

Beijing Innovation Study Tour

Day-1, Wednesday 16 October 2024

Breakfast and introduction

Our hosts will provide an introduction to the program, site visits, and key innovation trends to be covered during the tour.


China’s Pulse: Economic insights and priorities

Join a leading economist for a comprehensive briefing on China’s current development landscape. Gain valuable insights into the nation’s economy and the pressing issues at the forefront of its growth trajectory.


Bytedance Unveiled: Strategies behind the global sensation

Bytedance, the powerhouse behind TikTok, the social media phenomenon captivating users worldwide—a sneak peek into the company’s long-term strategies and the innovative thinking driving its rapid global expansion.


Renminbi Rising: CCB’s global strategy

A lunchtime briefing with representatives from China Construction Bank to explore the bank’s ambitions for Renminbi internationalisation. Understand the initiatives and objectives shaping the future of the RMB on the global stage.


Inside JD: Automation in modern retail

JD, one of the world’s foremost B2C retailers—an exclusive look into their operations center to see firsthand the extent of automation that drives their success and learn about the innovative technologies propelling modern retail.


Baidu’s Blueprint: AI innovation and talent cultivation

Prowl through the Baidu campus, China’s Google, and uncover their strategies for competing in the global market and retaining top talent. Gain insights into how the organisation is integrating AI into its platforms and redefining technology.


Culinary Harmony: Welcome Dinner at TRB Hutong

Join us for a welcome dinner at TRB Hutong in Beijing’s historic alleyways. Enjoy a culinary experience steeped in heritage as you network with local bankers.

End of Day-1

Beijing Innovation Study Tour

Day-2, Thursday 17 October 2024

ICBC’s Tech Titan: Managing Scale and Innovation

ICBC Bank is a global behemoth serving over 400 million customers with a staggering 700,000 employees. Discover the sophisticated systems and strategies that keep this giant together and at the forefront of the financial industry.


Navigating Innovation: Didi Chuxing’s roadmap

Didi Chuxing, known as China’s answer to Uber, lets us in on strategies driving its success. Find out about its products, and the regulatory landscape governing data collection and protection in operations.


Venture Perspectives: Capitalising on innovation

Lunchtime briefing with a seasoned venture capitalist to gain insights into the dynamics of domestic capital-raising. Explore the trends, challenges, and opportunities that define China’s burgeoning investment landscape.


AI Frontier: Insights from Zhongguancun

Zhongguancun district is the heart of innovation in Beijing’s technology hub. Take part in briefings led by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology. Engage with startups and gain a real sense of the groundbreaking work propelling tech in China.


Economic Vanguard: Dialogue at Beijing University

Briefing at the picturesque campus of Beijing University’s National School of Development to hear leading economists on the priorities and future direction of the Chinese economy.


Beijing Duck Dinner

End of Day-2

Beijing Innovation Study Tour

Day-3, Friday 18 October 2024

Culinary Conduits: Behind Meituan Dianping’s success

Step into the headquarters of Meituan Dianping, one of the largest food delivery services in the world. Witness the intricate operations and innovative strategies that connect millions with culinary delights daily. Gain insights into the company’s success and the future of food delivery as a critical component of urban life.


Financial Evolution: Inside Bank of Beijing & ING

Explore the retail banking and wealth management sectors at Bank of Beijing. and its transformation from a state-run entity to a modern financial institution, influenced by ING Bank’s investment. Understand the strategies and innovations shaping services and approach to wealth management in a rapidly evolving market.


Lunch hosted by the Chairman of Bank of Beijing


Regulatory Insights: CBIRC’s path to progress

Visit the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) for an informative briefing on the agency’s accomplishments since its inception. Understand the regulatory milestones, challenges, and future goals that have shaped the financial landscape under CBIRC’s stewardship.


Hutong Heritage: Half a century of evolution

Experience the cultural essence of Beijing with a visit to a traditional ‘hutong’, and a comprehensive briefing by Lars Ulrik Thom on the development and transformation of these historic alleyways over the past 50 years, and the architectural and social changes that reflect the broader evolution of Beijing’s urban fabric.


END OF TOUR and Transfer to Village to enjoy a bonus stay in a traditional setting outside Beijing.

End of Day-3

Beijing Innovation Study Tour

Day-4, Saturday 19 October

Breakfast and visit to historical sites.


Talk and discussion on Chinese culture.


Dumpling-making and local dinner.

End of Day-4

Beijing Innovation Study Tour

Day-5, Sunday 20 October 2024

Breakfast and Transfers

End of programme and transfer back to Beijing and airport for your next activity.

People you will meet

A programme of this nature can only be presented by highly experienced professionals who have been entrenched in the industry over many years.

Barry Katz
Barry Katz
Professor, California College of the Arts,Consulting Professor,
Stanford University
Chacko Becca
Becca Carroll
Senior Director & Co-Lead, Last Mile Money Initiative,

Tour Hosts

Marla Sofer
Marla Sofer
Founder & CEO, knomee

Who should attend?


Chairmen, CEOs, and board members of banks from the United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East and rest of Asia seeking to integrate innovation into their business models


Heads of strategic planning


Heads of technology and operations


C-level executives, including chief innovation officers; heads of digital finance and chief marketing officers


Corporate professionals who are new to China

The Investment

US$ 8000

(Early bird US$ 6800)

  • Full access to Beijing Innovation Study Tour (16-19 October 2024).
  • Access to tour slides and videos.
  • 5-night accommodation (15- 19 October 2024).
  • All program-related breakfasts, lunches, and select dinners.

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