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inhouse traning

The Banking Academy curates world-class programmes for clients around the world. These include training on a wide range of topics from risk management, innovation culture and leadership in the financial services industry as well as topical issues from our panel of industry experts.

We work closely with banks—on board and executive levels—to provide in-house briefings on critical emerging scenarios that may pose a risk to your institution. We also run executive-level strategy workshops, benchmarking sessions and group site visits to facilitate decision-making on key protocols affecting business.

Future-proof your institution in a fast-changing marketplace. Our professional trainers, facilitators mentors and consultants deliver presentations and interactions backed by in-depth analysis by our team of researchers. The data and insights are designed to be very specific to your institution and marketplace. Our researchers can be present at your in-house strategy workshops and creative discovery excursions. The findings and next-step processes discussed during these sessions are synergised in a final actionable report.

The Key Features

Huge cost savings when done inhouse
Consulting level interaction with your organisation
Full control over dates, times and delivery
Programmes content fully designed to your institution's exact needs
Reduced travel time and costs through on-site training
Research team support for consulting level engagements

To design a customised programme for your organisation