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    A comprehensive program designed to sharpen the skills and instincts of your SME Banking teams.
    Discussions on key concepts of financial analysis, credit, sustainability, product design and other tactical areas.
    Overview of how supply chains are evolving at various levels in different business industries.
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    A pioneering (comprehensive) programme designed to help you develop a deep and broad understanding of the impact investing landscape
    Group discussions and activities on the strategic permutations and implications of ESG
    Overview of how the financial services sector use ESG as a way of reducing client risk

Welcome To

The Banking Academy

The Banking Academy’s objective is to identify and meet the diverse training requirements of today’s increasingly competitive financial services industry. It is run by teams of programme developers, researchers and consultants who are supported by an international faculty of experienced bankers and subject matter experts from around the world, handpicked for their proven industry experience and training skills. It furthermore draws on the vast knowledge resources of The Asian Banker Group, of which it is an integral part.

About Our Programmes

Benefit-led and result-oriented
Real-life industry case-studies interactive discussions and practical exercises
Up-to-date analyses and perspectives
Highly consultative
Unique international networking opportunities
Led by practitioners cum world-class trainers and industry experts

Our Faculty

The Banking Academy hand-picks the Course Directors specifically for each course. Our expert faculty is comprised of professionals who are either accomplished ex-bankers, consultants or academics with proven hands-on implementation experience sourced from around the globe, providing the basis for the world-class content of our programmes.


Gordian Gaeta


Robert Rubinstein


Wilson Chia


Andrew McRobert


Emmanuel Daniel

In-house training programmes

In today's volatile banking environment, The Banking Academy is fully aware that getting a good return on investment is vital to our clients seeking to boost their competitiveness through targeted training solutions.

If you have six or more individuals to train, our in-house trainings might be the best solutions for your needs.

To design a customised programme for your organisation

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