AI Frontiers: Exploring innovation at the heart of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, the birthplace of tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, is a hotbed of innovation for disruptors like Flexport, Stripe, and Chime. Accounting for 45% of US venture capital, it’s a hub for entrepreneurship and top-notch funding infrastructure. In recent years, disruptive fintech companies such as Square, Simple, and Venmo have begun leveraging latest cutting-edge technologies, prompting financial institutions to invest and collaborate with startups to stay ahead of the curve of innovation.

Step into the future of finance with The Banking Academy Silicon Valley AI Innovation Tour 2023 powered by The Asian Banker. This exclusive five-day programme invites senior finance executives from around the world to explore the latest trends and technologies driving the financial services industry. From site visits to in-depth discussions with the brightest minds in the Bay Area, this tour offers unparalleled insight and inspiration to help transform your institution.

The tour includes visits to leading fintech and venture capital firms, finance innovation labs, and native digital and tech enterprises. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with industry leaders, experts, innovators, and investors.

Key focus areas:

Latest trends in AI, ML, NLP and automation technologies

Financial institutions’ innovation labs

Meeting with industry players in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and DeFi

Connecting with disruptors, fintechs, unicorns, start-ups and accelerators

Briefing by leading VCs and private equity firms

Case studies from leading tech giants in Silicon Valley

Site Visits

The Agenda

07:00 – 08:00

Breakfast and introduction at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Briefing by the hosts of the tour about the program, site visits and key trends that will be discussed throughout the five-day innovation tour in the centre of the world’s innovation hub, Silicon Valley.

Briefing by Emmanuel Daniel, Founder of TAB GLOBAL & Author of “The Great Transition – the personalization of finance is here” and Marla Sofer, Founder & CEO, knomee

08:00 – 09:00

An insider’s look into the hub of Silicon Valley innovations

Coming from Stanford University, we will connect with an esteemed professor as he delves into the integral role of the design industry in Silicon Valley's innovation and its interplay with fintech. Drawing from recent discussions with top figures in the banking sector, this talk will offer a fresh overview of Silicon Valley's dynamics, setting it apart from typical industry briefings.

  • Explore the profound influence of the design industry on Silicon Valley's technological advancements
  • Understand the unique intersection of design and fintech, informed from discussions with leading banking figures
  • Gain a fresh perspective on Silicon Valley, contrasting with conventional industry narratives
Briefing by
  • barr katz
  • Barry Katz

    Professor, Design Group, Stanford University

09:00 – 10:00

Bridging Opportunities in a Complex Investment Landscape

Step into the world of Global Capital Markets (GCM), where the intricate dance of investment, advisory, and transaction services plays out on a global stage. With their seasoned approach to real estate investment banking, GCM offers an insightful lens into the shifting dynamics of the property markets, combined with a deep understanding of the financial realm.

  • Dive into the nexus of real estate and finance, exploring how GCM's tailored advisory services enable optimal investment decisions in ever-evolving markets
  • Discuss the nuances of structured finance and the strategies employed by GCM to navigate the intricate web of global property investments
  • Delve into the world of cross-border transactions and learn how specialized expertise aids investors in capitalizing on international opportunities
Briefing by
  • Shawn Flynn

    Principal, Global Capital Markets

10:15 - 11:00

Lighting the Path from Vision to Victory

Join us with Ignite GTM's experts as they shed light on the intricate choreography of ushering startups from conception to market dominance. Gleaning from their recent collaborations and success stories with pivotal banking figures, this discussion promises a revealing look into the nuances of venture capital, strategic finance, and market positioning.

  • Discuss the evolving art and science behind crafting compelling investment tales that resonate with capital influencers
  • Highlight the trends in fractional CFO models, financial strategizing, and treasury innovations that define successful startups
  • Discuss the crucial role of intellectual property protection and its growing influence in securing a startup's future
Briefing by
  • Bill Barry

    Founder and CEO, IgniteGTM

  • Harold Graham

    Head Investor Relations, IgniteGTM

11:00 - 11:45

Platina Systems: Simplifying Complex IT Operations

Platina Systems is quickly becoming a spearhead in streamlining and automating IT operations. Learn how Platina is using these systems to innovate companies such as Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and a budding partnership with IBM.

  • Unpack the challenges and advancements in IT operations in today's digital age.
  • Dive deep into the real-world applications and case studies showcasing how IT infrastructures are adapting to modern demands.
  • Engage in a dialogue about the role of automation and optimization in ensuring seamless IT operations, especially relevant in the banking sector.
Briefing by
  • Mark Yin

    Co-founder and CEO, Platina Systems

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch at Local Union 271 Restaurant

13:00 - 14:00

Trailblazing the Digital Frontier of Convenience Stores

BLAM Retail stands as a unique confluence between traditional retail landscapes and groundbreaking digital solutions. By masterminding a coalition of cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, they extend a transformative blueprint for convenience stores. Their avant-garde approach promises to recalibrate the convenience store experience, ensuring proprietors navigate and flourish in the intricate tapestry of modern commerce.

We will learn more about Ark's latest investments in disruptive technology such as:

  • Unearth the digital mechanisms revolutionizing age-old convenience store norms across the U.S
  • Illuminate the prospects of bespoke, online offerings, bridging tangible sales to virtual spaces
  • Chart the vast territories of untapped digital potential, with regions poised for a digital metamorphosis
Briefing by
  • Régine David

    Director of Business Development, BLAM Retail

15:00 - 17:00

Accelerating high-speed innovation with low code AI

Iterate AI is a San Jose-based technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning. A platform for automating the creation and deployment of AI models, including tools for data preparation, model selection, and deployment. All while being designed to be accessible to users with a range of technical skill levels.

  • Explore enterprise banking requirements and the need for AI and legacy seamless integration in today’s systems
  • Understand the importance of AI structured data document verification, dynamic contract analysis and credit risk patterns via neural modeling
Site visit and briefing by
  • Brian Sathianathan

    Co-Founder/ Chief Digital Officer/ CTO,

18:00 - 20:00

Dinner at Bird Dog Restaurant

07:00 – 08:00

Breakfast at Crowne Plaza Hotel

08:30 - 09:00

Unraveling the Intricate Web of Silicon Valley's Enterprise World

Step into the universe of Link Silicon Valley (LinkSV) as we take a comprehensive journey into the heart of Silicon Valley's business matrix. Understand how LinkSV's vast and curated database acts as the central node, linking innovative startups, pioneering public companies, and the pulsating financial dynamics of the region of ever-evolving confluence of tech, finance, and global partnerships.

  • Explore into the mechanics of LinkSV's tailored search features, revealing how they transform broad datasets into precise investment and collaboration opportunities
  • Understand the essence of a connected ecosystem and its influence in fostering multi-faceted partnerships and ventures
  • Gain insights into the ever-evolving trends, dynamics, and opportunities within the Silicon Valley business arena
Briefing by
  • Bob Karr

    CEO/Founder, Link Silicon Valley at Newmark offices

09:00 – 09:30

Redefining the Physical Spaces in a Post-Pandemic Era

As the world navigates the aftermath of a global pandemic, the Newmark Group delves deep into its transformative effects on startups and their approach to physical spaces. Witness firsthand how the landscape of office buildings, coworking spaces, and physical presence has undergone a paradigm shift, reflecting changing priorities, evolving work cultures, and novel aspirations.

  • Gain insights into the emerging trends that will define the role and importance of physical spaces for startups in the coming years
  • Understand the blend of traditional and modern workspaces catering to IoT devices, virtual well-being, and digital collaborations
Briefing by
  • Adam Green

    Senior Managing Director, Newmark

  • Sherry Gubera

    Senior Managing Director, Newmark

09:30 – 10:00

Leading Edge Legal Solutions for a Shifting Global Horizon

Dive into the legal realm with Haynes and Boone, LLP, as they elucidate the ever-evolving complexities of global business challenges. Representing a myriad of sectors, their seasoned legal experts illuminate the intricate nuances of international law and the pioneering strategies to navigate them in the ever-evolving digital age.

  • Understand the intertwining intricacies of international business regulations and their impact on global trade, commerce, and investments
  • Delve into how technological advancements are reshaping legal practices, from digital contracts to cybersecurity protocols
  • Grasp the importance of anticipating, understanding, and adapting to the regulatory shifts in global markets, ensuring sustainable growth and minimizing risks
Briefing by
  • Roger Royse

    Partner, Haynes and Boone

10:00 – 10:30

Banking Excellence in the Modern Age

From the heart of America's financial landscape, Flagstar Bank showcases its exceptional journey of adapting and thriving amidst rapid industry evolution. As digital transformation sweeps through the financial sector, this institution rises as a beacon, sharing invaluable insights on navigating challenges and harnessing opportunities in today's banking arena.

  • Discuss the changing dynamics of banking in a post-pandemic world, uncovering lessons and growth strategies
  • Understand the importance of technology integration and its transformative impact on enhancing customer experience
  • Explore the nuances of risk management, compliance, and innovation, balancing traditional banking ethos with modern demands
Briefing by
  • Calina Thompson

    Group Director, SVP, Flagstar Bank

10:30 – 11:00

Navigating Venture Frontiers with Expertise and Vision from Portola Valley Partners

Emerging from the vibrant ecosystem of venture capital, Portola Valley Partners offers a masterclass on investment foresight in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. By fusing tradition with innovation, they present a holistic approach to identifying potential, fostering startups, and ensuring sustainable growth in the venture realm.

  • Unravel the strategies employed by top-tier venture capitalists in spotting the next big thing in global markets
  • Dive deep into the role of technology and data analytics in reshaping the venture capital paradigm
  • Discover the balance between intuition and empirical decision-making in fostering successful startup investments
Briefing by
  • John Majeski

    CEO & GP, Portola Valley Partners

11:00 – 11:30

Charting Financial Success with Precision and Expertise from Rose Ryan Groups

Dive into the world of Rose Ryan Groups, where finance meets innovation. With their comprehensive understanding of financial landscapes and market dynamics, they illuminate pathways to sustainable growth. Attendees will grasp the nuanced methodologies Rose Ryan employs to ensure financial robustness in an ever-evolving economy.

  • Explore the modern principles of financial management and their applications in today's business environments
  • Understand the critical role of agile finance solutions in navigating market uncertainties and volatility
  • Glimpse into the future of finance: Predictions, challenges, and the evolving role of financial consultants
Briefing by
  • Kathy Ryan

    Chair and Founder, RoseRyan Group

12:00 - 13:30

Lunch at Fogo de Chão

14:00 - 15:00

Digital Realty Data Center - Architecting the Digital Infrastructure of Tomorrow

Journey with us into the heart of Digital Realty Data Center, a global leader in data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. As the backbone of countless digital operations worldwide, their infrastructure plays a pivotal role in supporting the global digital economy, ensuring businesses stay connected, resilient, and adaptable.

  • Delve into the art and science of world-class data center construction and maintenance
  • Learn about strategic data center locales and their role in global business and finance success
  • Understand Digital Realty's dedication to sustainability and its impact on global digital operations
Site visit and briefing by
  • Ray Ko

    Enterprise Account Manager, Digital Realty (Silicon Valley Data Center)

15:00 – 15:30

Travel back to the hotel

16:00 - 16:45

Developing Tomorrow's Technological Frontier with HIA Technologies

We will meet with HIA Technologies as they spotlight the technological breakthroughs marking the dawn of a new era. With a commitment to innovation and a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, HIA is at the forefront of molding the future. This session promises to offer a glimpse into the next-generation solutions that will define our interconnected world.

  • Gain insights into HIA's cutting-edge innovations setting industry benchmarks
  • Delve into the strategies propelling HIA to the zenith of tech leadership
  • Discover the challenges and opportunities encountered in the realm of advanced tech solutions
Briefing by
  • Vacit Arat

    CEO, HIA Technologies

16:45 – 17:30

Harnessing the Power of Collective Expertise in the Digital Age

Dive deep into Aggregage's innovative approach to curating online content. Discover how they transform the vast digital landscape by leveraging the collective expertise of industry professionals. With a foundation built upon machine learning and sophisticated algorithms, Aggregage offers an unrivaled experience in optimizing content delivery for specific professional audiences.

  • Explore how Aggregage's technology curates and personalizes content for precise industry verticals, providing invaluable insights
  • Understand the role of machine learning in sifting through the vast digital content universe, ensuring the most relevant and impactful insights reach the right audiences
  • Discuss the potential for Aggregage's platform to impact financial decision-making by providing curated content tailored for the banking sector
Briefing by
  • Robert Flynn

    CEO, Aggregage


End of the day

06:30 - 07:30

Breakfast at Crowne Plaza Hotel

08:00 – 09:00

Fintech Frontiers: Igniting Innovation at Plug & Play Tech Center

Plug & Play Tech Center stands as a beacon in the fintech ecosystem, bridging innovative startups with global banking institutions. As a dynamic hub, it accelerates the evolution of financial technologies and fosters collaborations that shape the future of banking and finance.

  • Dive into the latest trends and solutions revolutionizing the banking sector via Generative AI
  • Understand powerful partnerships between new fintech ventures and established financial institutions.
  • Explore the innovations set to redefine international banking paradigms
Site visit and briefing by
  • David Kim

    Founder, Plug and Play

  • Allen Shi

    Director, Corporate Partnerships, Plug and Play

  • Davis Auksmukst

    Investor, Plug and Play Ventures

11:00 – 12:00

The Future is Now—Breaking Barriers with Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI is a pioneering organisation in the field of artificial intelligence, focused on developing cutting-edge technologies with applications in the finance industry. They strive to advance AI capabilities, promote ethical and responsible use of AI, and explore how AI can be leveraged to transform and improve various aspects of the finance industry, such as risk assessment, fraud detection, investment strategies and customer experiences.

  • Discover the power of AI and how the technology can be used for automation, improving customer service and real-time decision-making
  • Understand the ethical implications of AI and how to attract top talent in this field
  • Explore potential partnership opportunities with OpenAI to enhance your financial institution’s capabilities to stay ahead of the competition
Site visit and briefing by
  • Aliisa Rosenthal

    Head of Sales, OpenAI

12:30 – 13:30

Catalysing Continental Crossover with Diaspora Ventures

Diaspora Ventures bridges the transatlantic divide, identifying and empowering Europe's top-tier founders with an ambition that spans continents. By offering unrivaled access to the US tech ecosystem, they enable international entrepreneurs to transcend borders, tapping into vast funding resources, diverse talent pools, and an expansive network.

  • Understand the potential of international founders through facilitated access to the premier US tech ecosystem
  • Discover opportunities to empower and invest in ventures, breaking the constraints of local ecosystems
  • Capitalize on Diaspora Ventures' commitment to connecting banking’s finest with unparalleled resources in the United States
Luncheon briefing by
  • Marvin Liao

    Partner Diaspora Ventures at Marlowe

15:00 - 16:00

Spearheading Swift Expansion in the Modern Tech Landscape

Venture into the electrifying realm of Blitzscaling VC, where rapid scaling and audacious innovation intertwine. As we uncover the art and science behind scaling at blistering speeds, immerse yourself in discussions that delve into the tactics and strategies that are reshaping the venture capital landscape. This session is an essential rendezvous for those aiming to understand the pulse of high-growth startups and the investment dynamics underpinning them.

  • Dive deep into the principles and methodologies that drive the blitzscaling phenomenon
  • Explore real-world case studies that encapsulate the highs and lows of rapid expansion
  • Understand the evolving role of venture capital in steering startups towards unprecedented growth
Briefing by
  • Chris Yeh

    Founding Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures

16:00 - 20:00

Ignite - Bankers, VCs, and Startups Mixer

Set against the backdrop of the elegant hotel ambiance, this exclusive mixer brings together the brightest minds in banking, venture capital, and the startup ecosystem. Have insightful conversations, forge strategic partnerships or simply unwind over curated refreshments. This is the prime setting to network, share ideas, and explore synergies in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.

Mixer event featuring a variety of organizations at the Crowne Plaza Hotel


End of the day

06:30 –07:30

Breakfast and check-out from Crowne Plaza Hotel

07:30 – 09:30

Hotel check out and travel to San Francisco

10:00 – 11:00

Designing Finance's Future - A Deep Dive with IDEO

IDEO, a global design juggernaut, sits at the confluence of human-centered design and trailblazing innovation. With a holistic approach that marries empathy with strategy, IDEO pioneers transformative solutions that resonate across sectors, including the ever-evolving world of finance.

  • Understand how IDEO's signature design-thinking methodology can revolutionize banking processes, customer experiences, and financial products
  • Delve into the future of banking, where empathetic design and deep user insights drive both technological and service innovations
  • Harness IDEO's interdisciplinary approach, uniting bankers, designers, and technologists to craft forward-thinking financial solutions
Site visit and briefing by
  • Becca Carroll

    Senior Director, IDEO

12:00 - 13:30

Lunch at Nopalito (Broderick)

14:00 - 15:00

Charting the Fintech Odyssey with Silicon Foundry

Silicon Foundry operates at the confluence of tradition and innovation, linking esteemed global banking institutions with the trailblazing fintech ecosystem. As a strategic advisor and bridge-builder, it catalyzes the intersections that are reimagining the financial landscape of tomorrow.

  • Learn about curated fintech startups poised to address banking challenges and drive transformation
  • Gain actionable intelligence on emerging fintech trends and their implications for global banking landscapes
  • Explore opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships, capitalizing on Silicon Foundry's extensive network
Site visit and briefing by
  • Neal Hansch

    CEO and Managing Partner

  • John Zamora

    Principal, Silicon Foundry

16:30 - 18:30

The Innovation in Finance Today

The platform era is folding into its personalisation phase. So, what should “personalisation” mean to all the fintech innovations being developed on platform technology today? How should traditional banks view block-chains, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance? Will CBDCs ever fly? Where are innovations in payments heading?

This exclusive briefing cum dialogue on the future of finance, anchored in Emmanuel Daniel’s book, “The Great Transition - The Personalization of Finance is Here” brings together the disruption brought on by decentralised technology and the key features of traditional banking to chart the most likely course that the future of finance will take.

Briefing by
  • Emmanuel Daniel

    Author, “The Great Transition – the personalisation of finance is here”

18:30 - 20:30


07:00 –08:00

Breakfast at Hyatt Regency San Francisco

08:30 – 09:30

Surfing the Clouds of Innovation with Arise Gaming

Arise, an industry leader in cloud-based gaming services, is pioneering the intersection of artificial intelligence and interactive entertainment. Situated ihe tech-hub of San Francisco, they harness the transformative power of AI and cloud technology to deliver premium, on-demand gaming experiences to a global user base.

  • Understand how Arise leverages cloud technology to streamline and improve gaming and customer experiences
  • Learn about the trends and future growth projections of the cloud-based gaming market and how it’s enabling them to strategically position their financial offerings for these emerging opportunities.
Briefing by
  • John Pompei

    SVP, General Manager, Arise Gaming

10:30 – 11:30

Charting the Next Wave of Digital Innovations

Step into the NTT Experience Center, where the visionaries of tomorrow showcase the groundbreaking digital solutions shaping our interconnected world. At the intersection of innovation and banking, understand how NTT's cutting-edge technology can catalyze financial growth and optimize service delivery in the banking sector.

  • Discuss NTT's transformative digital technologies that are redefining the financial landscape.
  • Engage with case studies highlighting the practical integration of NTT solutions in modern banking operations.
  • Discover how embracing NTT's technological advancements can drive sustainable growth and enhance customer experiences in the banking domain.
Site visit and briefing by
  • Maaz Khan

    Chief Digital & Strategy Officer, NTT Data

11:30 – 12:00

Hotel Check-out

12:30 – 14:00

Feedback and Concluding Session

We will recap the site visits and discussions with experts and exchange personal conclusions, ideas and inspirational thoughts. Delegates will be asked to present their feedback and takeaways from the tour.

Lunch dialogue with Emmanuel Daniel, Founder of TAB GLOBAL & Author of “The Great Transition – the personalization of finance is here” and Marla Sofer, Founder & CEO, knomee


End of program

*Please note that agenda and speaker lineup is tentative and will be updated frequently until the event date.

People you will meet

A programme of this nature can only be presented by highly experienced professionals who have been entrenched in the industry over many years.

Barry Katz
Barry Katz
Consulting Professor, Design Group
Stanford University
Chacko Becca
Shawn Flynn
Principal, Global Capital Markets
Bill Barry
Founder and CEO, IgniteGTM
Harold Graham
Head Investor Relations, IgniteGTM
Mark Yin
Co-Founder and CEO, Platina
Régine David
Director of Business Development, BLAM Retail
Brian Sathianathan
Co-Founder/ Chief Digital Officer/ CTO,
Bob Karr
CEO & Founder,
Dawn DeBruyn
COO & Co-founder
Link Silicon Valley
Sherry Gubera
Senior Managing Director, Newmark
Adam Green
Senior Managing Director, Newmark
Roger Royse
Partner, Haynes and Boone
Calina Thompson
SVP, Group Director, Innovation and Venture Banking Group, Flagstar Bank
John Majeski
CEO & GP, Portola Valley Partners
Kathy Ryan
Chair and Founder, RoseRyan Group
Ray Ko
Enterprise Account Manager, Digital Realty (Silicon Valley Data Center)
Vacit Arat
CEO, HIA Technologies
Robert Flynn
CEO, Aggregage
David Kim
Founder, Plug and Play
Allen Shi
Director, Corporate Partnerships, Plug and Play
Davis Auksmukst
Investor, Plug and Play Ventures
Aliisa Rosenthal
Head of Sales, OpenAI
Marvin Liao
Partner, Diaspora Ventures
Chris Yeh
Founding Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures
Jeremiah Owyang
Blitzscaling Ventures
Becca Carroll
Senior Director, IDEO
Neal Hansch
CEO, Managing Partner, Silicon Foundry
John Zamora
Principal, Silicon Foundry
John Pompei
SVP, General Manager, Arise Gaming
Maaz Khan
Chief Digital & Strategy Officer, NTT Data

Who should attend?

The Silicon Valley Innovation Study Tour is designed for:

Chairmen, chief executives and board members of banks in developing countries, who wish to introduce transformational changes within their organization and embrace innovation into their business models

Senior executives in retail, corporate, transaction banking and trade finance

Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Marketing Officers

Business-level decision-makers in mobile banking, online payments, consumer experience, technology and operations

Heads of channels, product innovation, retail operations

Senior executives of business analytics and data management

The Investment

US$ 15,000
  • Prices stated include all site visits, meetings and activities
  • 5-night accommodation from 10-15 September 2023 and local transfers.
  • All breakfast, lunches and selected dinners that are part of the programme are covered for.
  • Fees exclude airfare to/from USA, visa fees and airport transfers.
  • It is delegate’s own responsibility to get their visa for the programme. The Asian Banker can assist to issue confirmation letter of participants as supporting document for delegates to apply visa upon request.