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Risk & Compliance

Liquidity Risk Management
Build a holistic liquidity risk management framework across your organisation
Implement the Basel III guidelines for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring
Establish and implement a funds transfer pricing framework
Liquidity risk modeling: Best-practice techniques
Liquidity stress testing and scenario analysis
Cash flow forecasting strategies for liquidity management
Determine the most appropriate funding strategies for your organisation's liquidity needs
Operational Risk Management
Devise a holistic risk governance strategy to manage operational risk across your organization
Understand the development of operational risk management strategy at both industry and regulatory levels
Building and promoting operational risk awareness across your financial institution
Collect and utilise accurate loss data for operational risk
Accurately measure operational risk
Effectively model operational risk
Distinguish between specific operational risk types and understand their impact on the operational efficiency of your financial institution
Fraud Prevention and Detection
Gain a complete understanding of the origins, scale and ever-changing nature of today's fraud activity threats to your financial institution
Master techniques for identifying, mitigating and combating internal fraud
Identify the external fraud threats to your organization
Discover best-practice techniques for fraud risk assessment and profiling
Establish a framework for conducting comprehensive fraud investigations
Successfully devise a coherent fraud response plan
Effective Reporting and Communication for Fraud Compliance & Investigation
Grasp the fundamentals of clear and concise report writing and communication for fraud compliance and investigation
Ensure clear communication of your fraud data management framework and procedures
Report on your efforts to mitigate fraud across all business functions, products and services
Implement clear assessment and reporting of the external fraud threats to your organisation
Ensure clear understanding of your risk assessment and profiling for optimal fraud mitigation and compliance
Report on the effectiveness of your fraud response plan
Establish and implement a framework for the transparent communication of your fraud investigations
Report on your procedures for fraud loss recovery
Anti-Money Laundering for Financial Institutions
Design and establish an effective enterprise-wide anti-money laundering framework in line with business objectives
Identify and assess money laundering risk in a globalised world
Ensure compliance to developing national and international anti-money laundering regulation
Understand and identify innovative and developing trends and strategies in money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud
Optimise your organisation's capabilities for customer due diligence and effective KYC
Compliance For Financial Institutions
Manage the changing role of the compliance function from a cost burden to a revenue-generating entity
Explore and meet the challenges in effectuating a holistic implementation of Basel III requirements across your organisation
Establish watertight compliance to the Basel III guidelines for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring
Develop an integrated enterprise risk management framework as an i zntegral part of your risk compliance strategy
Ensure watertight compliance to increased req uirements for effective corporate governance in the financial institution
Implement an effective compliance framework to mitigate fraud across all business functions, products and services
Mitigate and manage the technology threats to your organisation's activities
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Counterparty Risk & CVA
Trade Surveillance
Risk Modelling & Stress Testing
Enterprise-Wide Risk
Business Continuity & Contingency Planning
Reputational Risk
Interest Rate Risk Management & Hedging
Sovereign Risk



Markets & Exchanges

Operational Efficiency In Derivatives Processing
Ensure compliance to developing regulatory demands for derivatives processing in a period of tight scrutiny
Foster closer cooperation between front, middle and back office for greater efficiencies and reduced risk in derivatives processing
Maximise the opportunities and adapt to the challenges of OTC derivatives processing with central counterparties
Establish and implement an effective framework for performance measurement and management of your derivatives processing
Overcome the challenges in cross-border OTC derivative operations
Successfully manage collateral for optimal risk management and profitability
Effectively manage and mitigate operational risk
Structuring, Pricing & Trading Interest Rate & FX Derivatives
Understand the macroeconomic environment in Asia and the implications for your FX and interest rate derivative business
Examine in depth best-practice modeling techniques for maximum profitability and minimum risk exposure
Learn to manage and mitigate your exposure to risk in FX and IR derivatives
Devise and structure a competitive pricing framework
Refine your options trading strategies
Develop innovative and competitive strategies for interest rate and FX futures and forwards
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Debt Restructuring  
Credit Default Swaps  
Structuring & Financing Mergers & Acquisitions  
Collateral Management  
Private Equity Masterclass  
Convertible Bonds  
Synthetic Bonds  
Sovereign-Linked Products  
Securities Lending & Repo  


Corporate & Commercial Banking

Managing Corporate Problem Loans
Minimise the quantity and value of the loans in your portfolio turning bad
Understand how to determine and establish your key risk indicators for early identification of problem loans
Effectively structure your procedures for dealing with non-performing loans
Successfully align your CRM strategy with problem loan management
Maximise the benefits of the secondary market for non-performing loans
Developing & Selling Cash Management Products & Services
Understand your clients' cash management needs and tailor products and services suited to their specific requirements
Devise a competitive fee and pricing framework for your products and services
Successfully develop and distribute cross-border cash management products and services
Ensure maximum competitiveness through the provision of the most effective liquidity management products and services
Determine the best financing solutions for your corporate client
Provide pertinent hedging solutions for your clients in this volatile climate
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자금관리 금융상품 & 서비스의 개발과 판매 전문가 과정
Correspondent Banking
Debt Restructuring For Corporate Clients
Mezzanine Finance
Syndicated Lending



Retail Banking

SME Banking
Customer segmentation: Identify the individual needs of your SME clients
Conduct a thorough financial analysis of your SME client
Develop products tailor-made to the specific needs of your SME clients
Conduct in-depth feasibility studies for your SME clients' financing demands
Effectively manage and mitigate risk in your SME financing business
Benchmark the scope and competitiveness of your product offering within the market place
Private Wealth Management
Know your HNW client: Learn best-practice strategies for customer segmentation and understanding the clients' expectations, needs and fears
Develop strategies for successfully acquiring and retaining High Net Worth clients in Asia's booming economic environment
The bottom line of Private Wealth Management: Maximise the returns on your clients' wealth through market-beating investment strategies
Successfully establish and grow your Family Office business and services for the fast-growing Asian market
Establish and develop a holistic risk framework across all functions of your private banking organization
Maximising Profitability In Retail Branch Networks
Best-practice customer segmentation and location strategies as a cornerstone of your branch network strategy
Process optimisation across your branch network for maximum competitiveness
Boosting the competitiveness and profitability of your retail branch network through optimal customer engagement
Maximising sales effectiveness across your retail branch network
Branch design as a fundamental feature of your bank identity and mission statement
Ensuring a framework for effective risk mitigation and management at branch level
Integrating your retail branch networks with your overall multi-channel distribution strategy
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Customer Lifecycle Value Management
Debt Restructuring
Consumer Credit Risk
Customer Segmentation
Financial Products & Services for The Young Adult / The Over 50s
In-Branch Marketing & Branding



Business Strategy

Islamic Banking & Finance
An in-depth understanding of the fundamental elements of Islamic finance and how it differs from conventional finance
Master the complexities of the Islamic law of contracts for watertight Shariah compliance
Ensure a thorough comprehension of the various Islamic finance concepts for competitive product development and distribution
Effectively apply Islamic contract principles to the development of innovative and competitive retail banking products and services
Structure Shariah-compliant investment products to meet the requirements of the ethically conscious
Utilise the concepts of Islamic law to develop Shariah-compliant structures across all areas of the financing landscape
Maximizing Your Skills and Effectiveness For Selling Financial Products & Services
Establish a solid sales strategy framework
Master the sales process: Learn practical strategies for opening, advancing and closing sales calls
Gain a thorough understanding of human behaviour and sales psychology
Develop a consultative approach to your sales
Talent Management For Financial Institutions
Develop and strengthen the alignment between the HR function and your financial institution’s business objectives
Retain your organisation’s talent and minimise the loss of quality employees to your competitors
Effectively link your rewards structure with employee performance to ensure maximum productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction
Establish a framework for training & development of talent for maximum competitiveness across all business areas
Develop the leadership potential across your financial institution
Effectively manage diversity across your financial institution
Ensure the acquisition of the highest quality talent through best-practice recruitment strategies
Develope a framework for effective and efficient internal mobility

Company Valuation and Financial Analysis

Gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamental elements of company valuation
Discover best-practice methodologies for comparable company analysis and multiples-based valuation
Master techniques for accurate measurement and modeling of cost of capital
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate financing structure and its impact on company valuation
Gage the importance of qualitative factors impacting company valuation
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Funds Transfer Pricing
Debt Collection & Recovery
Behavioural Finance
Brand Management
Sales Force Effectiveness
Customer Lifetime Value Management


Operations, Back Office & IT

Loans & Mortgage Processing IT Audit For Financial Institutions
RMB Processing & Operations IT Architecture For Financial Institutions
Facilities Management For Financial Institutions Business Continuity For Financial Institutions
Operational Excellence & Restructuring Data Management For Financial Institutions
Business Process Management Biometrics For Financial Institutions


Asset Management

Commodities Investment & Portfolio Exchange-Traded Funds
Management Fund Management Administration
Infrastructure Investment Funds Volatility Management
Frontier Market Investment Request for Proposal
Fund Distribution    



SME Insurance Insurance Fraud & Compliance
Claims Processing Enterprise-Wide Risk Management For Insurance
Life Actuary IFRS4 & Solvency II
Asset & Liability Management For Insurance Takaful
Life & Pensions Processing Income & Wealth Protection Products & Services
Corporate Insurance Trade Credit Insurance
Supplier / Vendor Management In Insurance Multi-Channel Distribution For Insurance


Legal & Finance

Derivatives Structuring, Documentation & Regulation Insurance Claims Law
Debt Recovery & Collections Law
Project Finance Structuring, Documentation & Regulation RMB-Linked Structured Products Law
Contractual Disruption of Derivative Products


Tax & Accounting

Tax Management & Accounting For Financial Institutions Tax Management For HNWI
Private Equity Tax Planning
Derivatives Accounting IFRS4 & Solvency II


Internal Audit

Internal Audit For Investment Banking Internal Audit For Insurance Companies
Internal Audit For Retail Banking Internal Audit For Derivatives
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