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Our Course Leaders

The Banking Academy hand-picks the Course Directors specifically for each course. Our expert faculty is comprised of professionals who are either accomplished ex-bankers, consultants or academics with proven hands-on implementation experience sourced from around the globe, providing the basis for the world-class content of our programmes.

Roles previously held by our elite group of trainers include the following:

General Manager, Standard Chartered Managing Director, Citibank
Director of Exchange Traded Derivatives, SBC Warburg Vice President, Head of Risk Capital, Reserves & Portfolio Management, RBS Citizens
Head of Methodology & Policy, Liquidity & Treasury Risk, Deutsche Bank Group Operational Risk Manager, Credit Suisse Group
Head of Credit Derivatives, Bank of Montreal Global Head of Equity Research, Morley Fund Management
Regional Head – South Asia, SWIFT Policy Advisor, UK Financial Services Authority
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What previous attendees say:

"This course is very good. I like it as the group is small. It's easy to communicate and share thoughts"
Manager, Consumer Portfolio Analytics & Reporting, OCBC