Navigating the Future: Unveiling Seoul's prowess in AI innovation

Seoul, renowned for its technological advancements and home to conglomerates like Samsung, is rapidly becoming the nexus of fintech breakthroughs. With a unique blend of cutting-edge AI technologies and dynamic regulatory reforms, the city has fostered a conducive environment for fintech startups and global tech giants alike. Moreover, its strategic alignment with traditional banks to champion the digital transformation is setting benchmarks for global financial hubs.

Embark on an enriching journey with The Banking Academy's Seoul Fintech Evolution Tour 2024. This five-day expedition welcomes esteemed financial executives globally to demystify the technologies and strategies influencing the finance sector. By intertwining engaging site visits with cerebral discussions involving Seoul's tech luminaries, the tour promises invaluable insights to reshape your financial strategy for the evolving digital era.

The expedition encapsulates visits to prominent fintech firms, groundbreaking startups, accelerators, and financial innovation centres. Participants will also engage in enlightening conversations with fintech moguls, thinkers, innovators, and investors.

Key focus areas:


Revolutionary integration of AI and machine learning in finance.


Digital banking transformation: best practices and case studies.


Interactions with leading fintech disruptors, trailblazing startups, and accelerators.


Deep dive into blockchain, digital currencies, and the future of secure transactions.


Briefings from pivotal venture capitalists and innovators in Seoul's fintech realm.


Evolving consumer behaviours and their influence on digital banking solutions.

Tour Itinerary

8:00 – 9:00

Breakfast and introduction

Our hosts will provide an introduction to the program, site visits, and key innovation trends to be covered during the tour.

9:30 – 10:30

Internet-Only Banking: The Kakao Bank Paradigm

As South Korea's first internet-only bank, Kakao Bank offers a new paradigm in banking with a customer-centric approach, integrating seamlessly with the digital lifestyles of its users.

  • Understand the genesis and strategic vision behind South Korea's first digital-only bank
  • Delve into the challenges of operating without a physical presence and the digital strategies employed to ensure customer engagement and trust
  • Explore future growth plans and potential avenues for expansion
11:30 – 12:30

Telecom of Tomorrow: An Interactive Exploration with SK Telecom is a futuristic technology museum run by SK Telecom. It delves into the future of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and its potential impact.

  • Look into the future of connectivity, especially the potential of 5G, its capabilities and the transformative effect it will have on industries
  • Examine the expanding realm of virtual reality, augmented reality, and their growing roles in both communication and entertainment
  • An overview of the next wave of Internet of Things (IoT) trends, and their implications for both consumers and businesses
12:30 – 13:30


14:00 – 15:30

Samsung Electronics - Innovation at the Forefront

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology, stands as a beacon of innovation and research in the tech industry. Renowned for its advanced electronics products, Samsung also pioneers in nurturing a vibrant innovation ecosystem. We’ll look into how their technological advancements, particularly in mobile and digital security realms, can be leveraged in the banking and financial services sector.

  • Discover Samsung's R&D and how their AI, IoT, and mobile solutions are defining industry standards.
  • Explore Samsung's C-Lab (Creative Lab) programme and understand how it promotes internal and external innovation projects, foster creativity and fuels spin-off startups in various sectors.
  • Learn how the corporate’s mobile and digital security innovations may improve customer experiences and operational efficiency.
16:00 – 17:30

Haechi Labs: Revolutionising Blockchain Security and Development

Haechi Labs, positioned at the forefront of blockchain technology, specialises in secure and efficient blockchain development. Based in Seoul, their expertise lies in creating and auditing smart contracts, contributing significantly to the blockchain ecosystem's security and reliability.

  • Explore the company’s cutting-edge techniques in securing blockchain environments, particularly in smart contract development and auditing.
  • Understand how their innovations are applicable to banking and financial services, enhancing transparency and efficiency.
  • Gain insights into the evolving role of blockchain in various industries, and Haechi Labs' vision for its future applications.

End of program

08:00 – 09:00


09:30 – 10:30

Tossing Old Banking: A New Ecosystem of Financial Services

Toss started as a simple P2P money transfer service but rapidly expanded its offerings, becoming a formidable player in Korea's fintech scene. It's now a financial super app, addressing a variety of consumer needs.

  • Uncover the strategic evolution from a singular service to a multifaceted financial platform
  • Dive into the ecosystem of financial services offered and the integration strategies employed
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities in creating a seamless user experience across diverse financial products
11:30 – 12:30

Crafting Quantitative Strategies with Qraft

Qraft Technologies leverages artificial intelligence to reshape asset management and challenge the traditional investment landscape. Through its data-driven approach, the company promises more efficient, reliable, and adaptive financial decisions.

  • Understand how AI-driven strategies are transforming traditional asset management and the associated advantages
  • Delve into the intricacies of portfolio construction and risk management
  • Explore the future of autonomous finance and its implications for global markets
13:30 – 14:30

Adapting to the Digital Era: KBank's Financial Innovations

KBank, with its digital-first ethos, is redefining the traditional banking structure, focusing on agility, customer-centricity, and tech-driven products.

  • Discover the tech innovations that differentiate KBank from traditional banking establishments
  • Engage in discussions about the bank's strategy in acquiring and retaining a digital-savvy clientele
  • Discuss the broader implications of digital banking on the traditional banking ecosystem
15:00 – 16:00

SoftBank Ventures Asia: Steering Tomorrow's Tech

SoftBank Ventures Asia, integral to the SoftBank Group, excels in identifying and nurturing groundbreaking tech startups in early to growth stage, with a keen focus on AI and fintech. Based in Seoul, it’s renowned for shaping the tech landscape with strategic, future-focused investments.

  • Insight into their investment approach in AI and fintech, highlighting how they identify and support startups with transformative potential.
  • Examination of their fintech investments and implications for the future of banking.
  • Understanding the firm’s foresight in emerging tech trends and market dynamics.
16:00 – 17:30

Feedback & Concluding Session

We will recap the site visits and discussions with experts and exchange personal conclusions, ideas and inspirational thoughts. Delegates will be asked to present their feedback and takeaways from the tour.


End of the day

People you will meet

A programme of this nature can only be presented by highly experienced professionals who have been entrenched in the industry over many years.

Barry Katz
Barry Katz
Professor, California College of the Arts,Consulting Professor,
Stanford University
Chacko Becca
Becca Carroll
Senior Director & Co-Lead, Last Mile Money Initiative,

Tour Hosts

Marla Sofer
Marla Sofer
Founder & CEO, knomee

Who should attend?


Chairmen, CEOs, and board members of banks in emerging economies seeking to integrate innovation into their organisational business models.


Senior executives in retail, corporate, transaction banking, and trade finance.


C-level executives, including Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Data Officers, and Chief Marketing Officers.


Decision-makers responsible for mobile banking, online payments, consumer experience, technology, and operations.


Leaders in charge of channels, product innovation, and retail operations.


Senior executives specialising in business analytics and data management.

The Investment

US$ 15,000
  • Prices stated include all site visits, meetings and activities
  • 5-night accommodation from 6 - 10 November 2023 and local transfers.
  • All breakfast, lunches and selected dinners that are part of the programme are covered for.
  • Fees exclude airfare to/from China, visa fees and airport transfers.
  • It is delegate’s own responsibility to get their visa for the programme. The Asian Banker can assist to issue confirmation letter of participants as supporting document for delegates to apply visa upon request.

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